Safety Advice
on the slopes

The 10 rules of a Skier’s good conduct

The following rules are intended to inform users on how to behave on the slopes. By respecting them, you will enjoy your stay at the Formiguères resort under the best conditions of safety.

Firstly, we encourage you, as soon as you arrive, to purchase an insurance to cover you for any potential problems that might occur during your stay. The offered insurances will be tailored to your needs and your skiing. It is important to know that any user of the slopes is criminally responsible for the injuries he unwittingly inflicts to another user.

Rule 1: Respect for Others

You must adopt a respectable behavior in order to do not put you in danger nor to do harm to others.

Rule 2: Speed and behavior control

Make sure to adjust your speed and behavior to your personal abilities, the general conditions of terrain, snow, weather and the density of traffic on the slopes. Slow down when you cross areas for beginners, near queues and at the bottom of the slopes.

Rule 3: Maintaining steering control

If you find yourself on the uphill of the slope, you have a dominant position that allows you to choose your path. You must choose your direction by ensuring the safety of users who are downstream of the slope.

Rule 4: Overtaking

The overtaking can be made by upstream or downstream and from the right or left. It should be broadly done for preventing maneuvers of the person you are overtaking.

Rule 5: Assistance

If you witness or are involved in an accident, you need to bring help and place yourself at the disposal of rescuers.

Rule 6: Identification

If you witness or responsible for an accident, you shall disclose your identify to the emergency service.

Rule 7: Respect for markings and traffic signs

For your safety, the slopes and ski lifts are the subject of a specific marking and sign. Respect them and, if necessary, ask one of these trackers-rescuers ski experts and machine drivers.

Rule 8: Ascent and descent on foot

If you are forced to climb or down a slope on foot, you must use the edge of the slope by ensuring that neither you nor your material is a risk for others.

Rule 9: Parking

You absolutely must avoid standing on the slopes in narrow passages and without any visibility. In case of fall, you must release the slope as quickly as possible.

Rule 10: Enter and go on slope

After a stopping or at an intersection of slopes, you must ensure that you can enter without danger to you or others.

The rules of good conducts on the ski lifts

Drag lifts

1. Take off your wrist-strap of your wrists, as you may remain attached to the pole.

2. Do not slalom on the ascent slope , you may derail the cable and injure yourself.

3. In case of fall, drop the pole and vacate the ascent slope quickly.

4. Upon arrival, drop the pole where indicated under penalty of triggering the automatic shutdown.

5. Clear your arrival quickly, the next pole may hit you.


1.Prepare to embark and be careful not to be unbalanced.

2.Put your backpack in front of you.

3.Upon arrival of the chairlift, put a hand that is ready to soften it .

4.Take your sticks in one hand.

5.In case of bad boarding, let go under pain of remaining suspended and fall down.

6.Be aware of other passengers, especially children. Help them to adopt the good behaviors.

7.Sit right back in the seat and wait for the arrival to raise the bodyguard.