Roman baths of Dorres

Balcony of Cerdagne, the city of Dorres (located at 1450m) overlooks an exceptional sunny and protected land.

Every day, waters that spew out of the heart of the Pyrénées with a temperature up to 42 degrees are perfect to relax with family or after a hike both in winter and summer…

The Roman baths are situated below the village at 1450 m altitude and exposed on the mid-slope of the mountain. And, when your are voluptuously lied down in a naturally hot water pool, you can admire the mountain range. Dorres is seen as a perfect fusion of Cerdagne : forests and mountain pastures stretch as far as the foot of Carlit (2920 m).

Wellness massages

The somatotherapeutist Pascale Pugibet offers you outdoor welness massages such as Californian massage, shiatsu and Korean relaxation massages as soon as the weather permits on the Dorres baths area. Mrs Pugibet also welcomes you throughout the year in the village by practicing wellness massages, touch helping relationship and psycho-corporal therapy.

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