Warm baths of Saint Thomas

A huge amphitheater…

Can you imagine in a small corner of sunny mountains, located at the bottom of a valley, a huge amphitheater of stones housing three sulfurous outdoor warm bath pools…

You are in Saint-Thomas Les Bains located in the small town of Fontpédrouse, in the Pyrénées-Orientales french region at an altitude of 1150 m. This is where gushes a fantastic sulphurous spring water (58 degrees) whose benefits are well known for a very long time.

Three outdoor pools has been constructed at around 37 degrees, equipped with a jacuzzi and massage jets as well as two shower ramps with thermal natural water and temperature regulated.

The indoor space is composed of three hammam rooms at a progressive temperatures that send essential oils of eucalyptus and are equipped with ambient lighting by chromotherapy (optical fiber) with a cold pools and showers.

You will also discover…

  • two jacuzzi

  • a relaxation and resting room

  • three care and massage rooms

  • and a tea house

Only 20 min away from Formiguères towards Mont Louis to Fontpédrouse and then St Thomas Les Bains.

Contact : Saint Thomas Les Bains

Email : bainsdesaintthomas@orange.fr
Web site : http://www.bains-saint-thomas.fr
Telephone : +33 (0)4 68 97 03 13

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