Warm bath of Llo

Bath in the warm natural waters of Llo

Thermal waters of Llo are naturally rich in mineral and sulphur which are known for relaxation properties, rheumatic and muscle pains but also for skin and hair care. Perfect after a work out day or simply to forget daily stress.

Recharge yourself in the Sulfurous Bath of warm waters…

Throughout the year, enjoy the indoor and outdoors baths with :

  • the Great Indoor Pool equipped with massage hydrojets, bubble benches and water canons

  • the Tonic Spa with geysers, whirlpools and underwater jets

  • the Relaxing Spa with aquamusic and its aquatic and heated deckchairs

Relax yourself in the wellness area with:

  • the Hammam and exfoliation room

  • the spacious and illuminated sauna

  • the Cold water Path pulsed by the spray mist

  • Intense rain and waterfall

  • the relaxing room with hot benches and slide shows

Only 25 min away from Formiguères, in the very exceptional place of the Gorges du Sègre, near the village of Llo.

Open from 10 am to 7h30 pm.

Contact : Bain de Llo

Web site : http://www.bains-de-llo.com
Telephone : +33 (0)4 68 04 74 55