Solar Furnace

The Odelló solar furnace is a solar powered oven. Its power is one megawatt. Together with the solar furnace of Taixkent (Uzbekistan), it is one of the largest in the world.

The laboratory owes its worldwide reputation to the unique scientific achievements in field studies through the sun of high temperature phenomena and the behavior of materials in extreme conditions.

Global symbol of solar energy in the Catalan Countries, the large Odelló solar furnace is located in the municipality of Font-romeu, Odelló and Vià de la Cerdanya, in the north of the Catalan Countries. The town of Odelló was chosen by:

The duration and quality of light in direct sunlight
The purity of its atmosphere.
It is near the Montlluís solar furnace and the THEMIS solar plant from Targasona.

The physical principle used is that of the concentration of reflective mirror rays. A first series of rows of orientated mirrors located on the slope of the mountain, collects the sun's rays and transmit them to a second series of "concentrator" mirrors that make up the huge parabola in the main building.

The rays converge next to the upper zone of the central building that concentrates them on a target (target), a circular surface of 40 cm in diameter. This is equivalent to concentrating the energy of "10,000 soles."

Visits possible in winter with reservation.
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